Law Firm SEO Port St. Lucie

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a common used term these days. So common, it has sparked the interest of over 9 million people who search those three simple letters each month. Port St. Lucie law SEO stems from marketing. Everything that you read about SEO will spout out marketing terms and simple psychology that all marketing major’s study throughout their college years and practice everyday in their marketing careers. Mainly, you are searching for someone who understands marketing, but has that ever so desirable nerdy web-tech to implement all of the touchy coding and testing that is required to keep the search engines happy.

Search engines find the most relevant sites that contain the keywords entered into the search box. There are affordable ways to build a professional web site – target your specific market through keyword research – deliver that “wow” factor all while including elements to please the search engines. Attorney Keyword rich content throughout your site will generate much better results (search rankings) when organically ranking on the search engines. But that is not all, there are many things that can encourage or discourage a search engine from choosing your site. There are also many tests that you can put into place that will help your search rankings, the most thorough, by far, is the Google Website Optimizer tool where you can test your best landing pages by creating over 100 different versions of that same page and allowing Google to present those different pages to random users that visit the site. It will then report statistics on what page preformed the best. That is Law Firm SEO at it’s finest!

Here are some excellent lawyer SEO practices that must be used when developing a website that will produce top search rankings:

  • Site Speed – how long did it take to load? How much flash is incorporated on the main landing page?
  • Placing Google analytics and verification codes for site traffic statistics and testing
  • 301 re-directs versus 302 temporary redirect (not deleting old landing pages on a site renovation when incorporating keywords into new URLs- rather, redirect the URL being replaced or removed to the most relevant, new landing page URL)
  • Keywords placed in H1, H2 and H3 formatting throughout the content
  • Entering Alternate Text when inserting images – including keywords in that text
  • Meta tags – title, description and keywords – are still important as well as a keyword filled domain name (not one chosen for “branding”)
  • Meta robot tags placed on all relevant pages and absent on irrelevant pages for search purposes
  • Using keywords when writing URL’s and naming page files
  • Restructure folders to include keywords
  • Layout pages to navigate in the “hot spots”  the “F” format
  • Using first-party cookies
  • Linking core content to relevant pages (Google looks for organic sites that will be MOST useful to their users)
  • Offer subscriptions to blog/news feeds linked into your site – Also linking to Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and Google+ social accounts
  • Performing W3C code validation reports to see any errors in CSS or HTML code and fix them!
  • Using Google Webmaster Tools to test:
    1. Ranking report
    2. Pages indexed
    3. Page load time test
    4. Google Analytics – bounce rate, time on site, pages visited, absolute unique visitors, geographical location
    5. Site spider crawl to get a listing of URL’s to clean any missed redirects

When done right, SEO will benefit all aspects of your website. If you are looking for a brand new site – built from scratch, or a renovation of a website that already exists, it is important to assemble it around these important attorney SEO principles in order for the intended target market to find it! What is the point of having a website that no one will see?

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