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Welcome to the Law Office of Port St. lucie, and thank you for stopping by my site. I have dedicated my life and career to representing people charged with serious or violent crimes in Port St. Lucie and taking up their fight.

It is scary how many innocent people become targets of overzealous investigations and get made to feel as though they have to prove their innocence rather than the government proving their guilt. Even if someone has committed a crime, he or she will find a host of criminal charges against them ten times more serious than the crime they actually committed.

More importantly, I recognize that very good people can do something extremely out of character in a moment of anger, frustration or under the influence of alcohol or drugs that can have devastating lifetime effects. I can think of no one who would like to be judged based on two minutes of indiscretion.

I take pride in representing my clients and analyzing their case thoroughly so I can give good solid advice whether to go to trial and take the fight back to the prosecution or negotiate and mitigate the penalty. Whether accused of murder, robbery, crime of violence or narcotics in Port St. Lucie, my goal is to lighten the burden felt by my clients and their families.

Port St. Lucie Personal Service

I handle each case personally. I do not delegate clients to associates or younger, less experienced criminal defense attorneys. Additionally, when you call for a case evaluation you will speak with me directly, not some “intake person” or “paralegal” whose job it is to make a sale. When you call for a case evaluation, you will be forwarded to me day or night or on the weekend. If I am in Port St. Lucie court when you call, you will get a call back from me that day!!

Best Port St. Lucie Attorney Communication

The most common complaint against attorneys is that their clients can never get a hold of them or get a return phone call. Communication will never be an issue when you hire me. My clients need to trust me when I give advice on what do to with their case. That trust can only be earned through communication. Thus, my clients and their families will have not only my office number and e-mail, but my personal cell phone as well. As I mentioned before, if you leave a message you will get a return phone call the same day.

For my clients in jail, they will always be able to call me collect and I will see them in person on a regular basis.

So please, explore my website and give me a call. Even if you do not hire me you will get solid feedback on your Port St. Lucie criminal defense case and any potential issues or defenses. Thanks again.